Kids Helping Kids

Meet our young kids who are helping kids via their compassionate and emphatic gestures. They have baked cookies, taught coding classes, and even donated their birthday money all for a good cause!

Ruhika, who is 13 years old and in the 8th grade, baked and packed blueberry muffins for our fundraising event “Sevathon 2019″, which is hosted by the India Community Center. We are so touched by Ruhika’s loving heart and her decision to sacrifice an afternoon to care for other children in need! Thanks a lot Ruhika!

On her birthday, Ariana requested everyone not to gift her anything, instead donate to Touch A Soul! Young and generous, Ariana, is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade. She donated her birthday money and her kindness provided for over 1,200 school meals! Thank you Ariana!

For her birthday, Ria is giving donations to sponsor school meals for one school in Milpitas for all the reduced price meal kids for the whole month of October! About 800+ meals will be enjoyed by school children for one month with Ria’s donation. We are so grateful to Ria and her parents. What a role model, Ria!

Meet Avi Goel, an inspiring and dedicated high school junior, who dedicated one month of his summer break and launched online coding classes to teach children from 4th-8th grade. He donated 100% of the proceeds from teaching the class to our backpack drive! His coding classes were a hit! Thanks Avi!


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